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    Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception (sometimes referred to as the wedding breakfast in non-US countries). It is a major commercial endeavor that supports the bulk of the efforts for many photography studios or independent photographers There are two primary approaches to wedding photography that are recognized today: Traditional and Photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography provides for more classically posed images and a great deal of photographer control interaction on the day.

  • Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.

    Aaron Siskind

  • Candid photography

    A candid photograph is a photograph captured through motion mostly, without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos. Thus, the candid character of a photo is regardless of the subject’s knowledge or consent as to the fact that photos are being taken, and regardless of the subject’s permission for subsequent usage such as distribution, but related to the apparent absence of posing. It is distinguished from making secret photography by the photographer usually remaining discernible.

  • It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. You need less imagination to be a painter because you can invent things. But in photography everything is so ordinary; it takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the extraordinary.

    David Bailey

  • Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography in Kerala - innovative ideas

Manoharan Wedding photography in Kerala started it's journey when a group of dedicated, talented and skilled young photographers decided to work together. Our photographic outcomes have gained widespread popularity across Kerala. Having attended and worked upon countless wedding events there is chain of growing customer relations. Our wedding photography in Kerala is known for implementation of modern devices to capture unleashed beauty of the couples. With highly innovative services they become widely popular among the photographic lovers all over India. Wedding photography in Kerala With the implementation of most modern software’s and photo editing tools photography has reached greater heights. Wedding photography in Kerala has become most important aspect of modern and new generation weddings. With the latest professional equipments we capture stunning moments and ensure that beautiful memories are preserved creatively for life. We offer one stop solutions to all that associated with wedding photography in Kerala. Candid photography and outdoor photography provides greater chances for wedding photography in Kerala. With the inherent beauty of the Gods on Country wedding photography in Kerala is blooming to greater heights. Kerala Outdoor photography is in sphere of trend setting and is an evolving concept. The rich cultural heritage of Kerala holds much to see and experience for outdoor photography starting with the backwaters, beaches, mountain ranges and other tropical habitats. The greatest challenge behind outdoor photography is exposing for contrasting light conditions. Outdoor wedding photography in Kerala is more or less similar to a cinema shooting. Wedding photography in Kerala provide exceptional services in the field of wedding Photography. Our team of experts consist of some of the best wedding photographers in Kerala who deploy exemplary techniques and modern equipments to reproduce the subtlest of the scenes and emotions that take place during wedding events. We have been blessed with number photographic geniuses who have exhibited their magical craft in renowned Wedding Photography in Kerala works found in the state.